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ADATA P5000 Power Bank

Given that the P5000 is smaller than the ADATA mobile chargers I've previously reviewed, it still does a pretty good job of sustaining mobile devices when it's creeping to low percentage levels. The P5000 won't bring you up to a full charge, but it will give your phone enough of a boost until you can reach an outlet.

AVIwear Boneheads Audio

First up, I have to give props to AVIwear for the design of the Boneheads Audio; these are shades that look pretty impressive and stylish enough that you'd want to wear them on the daily. They're very lightweight and comfortable enough that I can wear them for long stretches without feeling bothered.

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Drinkfinity Review

You’re in for a real treat if you decide to bring Drinkfinity into your world; the bottle itself is great for daily usage with just about any beverage. But when water and flavor pods mix, then it becomes a different and delicious experience as the two flavors I’ve tested were not too sweet and tasted wonderful.