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AVIwear Boneheads Preview

Companies integrating tech with common items isn’t all too new. But doing it with a sense of style? Well, that’s something that would draw anyone's attention. When I received an email from an AVIwear rep about these new audio/video eyewear called “Boneheads”.

Valkyria Chronicles 4

I didn’t think I’d enjoy Valkyria Chronicles 4 as much as I did; truth be told, from the jump, I wasn’t really feeling it. But before I knew it I was completely immersed in the game's story and action that I couldn’t wait to jump into the next mission.

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Drinkfinity Review

You’re in for a real treat if you decide to bring Drinkfinity into your world; the bottle itself is great for daily usage with just about any beverage. But when water and flavor pods mix, then it becomes a different and delicious experience as the two flavors I’ve tested were not too sweet and tasted wonderful.