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Curse of the Witch's Doll

My first objection with the film is how the summary that is given isn’t really what you end up with. I’d rather that the film stays with Adeline and her search for Chloe all the while battling the doll. But instead, the story takes a weird twist for no real reason.

20XX (PS4) Review

20XX is a roguelike platform action game, inspired by games like Mega Man X. Players take on the role of either blue robot girl Nina or red sword-wielding robot Ace to respectively shoot and slash through some of the most randomly generated difficult levels and bosses ever played.

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Erato Verse Wireless

While I find the Sol Republic Amps Air to be the better earbuds (they are on the high end as well), the Erato Verse is nothing short of amazing! The buds produce a strong, clear audio with a sweet bass that’ll have you jamming through your tunes whether you’re out and about or relaxing at home.